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2023 winners

Here are our 2023 Winners for the Sabah Bird Race, Bird Photo & Video Contest,

Bird Photo Race, and Wildlife Photo Contest


Sabah bird race

Winner - JCB Birders (137 species, including 12 endemic species)

2nd Place - S.I. Tours (126 species, including 7 endemic species)

3rd Place - Kalabakan Upland (122 species, including 8 endemic species)

bird photo and video contest

Ron Pudin (President of SBWA) accepted the 1st place price for the Photo and Video Contest on behalf of Jordan Sitorus, who as absent from the ceremony.

Stills category

Winner - Jordan Sitorus (Crested Fireback-Proudly Whirring)

2nd Place - Yabainus Juhalin (Bornean Leafbird)

3rd Place - Ambo Sakka (Banded Kingfisher@Black-faced Kingfisher)

Special Mention - Alphonse Loinsang (Grey-chinned Minivet)

Consolation Prize - Charles Mawan (Pheasant Bulwer or White-Tailed Pheasant)

Consolation Prize - Muhamad Mizan Bin Ngateni (Bornean Bristlehead-the iconic bird in Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC))

video category

Winner - Jordan Sitorus (Red-breasted Partridge)

2nd Place - Tuah Bin Roslan (Temminck's Sunbird-Flying around looking for nectar)

3rd Place - Noor Hizan Abdillah Bin Mohd Momin (Black-crowned pitta 'Feather, fluff and beauty'

Special Mention - Mohd Shaiful Abu Bakar (Wallace's eagle preening)

Consolation Prize - Kelvin Voo Fook Ping (Sabah Partridge)

Consolation Prize -   Mohd Shaiful Abu Bakar (Crowned Pitta)

Consolation Prize - Tuah Bin Roslan (Blue-eared Kingfisher - Let's dance forever)

Bird photo race

Winner - Jusimin Duaneh (31 species, including 1 endemic and 1 rare species)

2nd Place - Mohd Nor Hafiz (29 species including 1 endemic and 1 rare migrant)

3rd Place - Nevin Bin Wolli (29 species)

Most Artistic Photo - Ngai Sui Ling (Black and Yellow Broadbill)

Most Endemic Bird -  Jusimin Duaneh (Dusky Munia)

Jusimin Duaneh bpr contest winner.webp

wildlife photo contest

Winner - N.Deriy Jor (Western Tarsier)

2nd Place - Mark Louis Benedict (The elephant trumpeting in the rain)

3rd Place - Jason Teo Jia Hong (Pygmy tree shrew feeding on bananas in a plantation)

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