Whitehead’s Broadbill

Whitehead’s Broadbill

Calyptomena whiteheadi 24-27cm
(Malay: Takau Whitehead. Indonesian: Madi-hijau Whitehead.)



Adult has olive-green upperparts, dark lores; wings coverts and tail darker green, dark primaries and secondaries with paler edges. Underparts yellow with faint greenish wash, darker at breast. Under-tail dark olive green. Iris dark brown, bill black, legs and feet grey. P. h. sarawacensis has more uniform yellow underparts.

Locally common endemic montane resident, from G. Kinabalu along central mountain ranges to the mountains of upper Telen, G. Pueh and G. Nyiut, 650-2920 m. Race: P. h. sarawacensis on Pueh Range and G. Nyiut, Sarawak, and P. h. hypoxantha (as shown) elsewhere.

Hill dipterocarp forests, montane forests, forest edges and clearings. Often seen on lower branches, actively foraging from perch to perch, also makes sallies to catch insects in mid-air and joins mixed feeding flocks.

(Source: A Naturalist’s Guide to the Birds of Borneo by Wong Tsu Shi, published by John Beaufoy Publishing Ltd, 2012. Available at all good bookstores throughout Borneo. )

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