Bornean Treepie

Bornean Treepie

Dendrocitta cinerascens 40 cm
(Malay: Gagak Tontihak. Indonesian: Tangkar-uli Kalimantan.)

Adult has blackish-brown forehead, lores and cheek, crown to nape and rest of upperparts silvery grey, wings black with white wing patch at base of primaries. Long uppertail feathers grey with broad black terminal band. Neck and rest of underparts fawn brown. Black under-tail feathers are of progressive length and are much shorter than uppertail feathers. Iris reddish brown; bill, legs and feet black.

A locally common sub-montane and montane endemic resident of N and central mountains, 305-2900 m. Monotypic.

Hill dipterocarp forests, lower and upper montane forests, kerangas, clearings, scrubs. Usually seen in pairs or small parties. Feed on fruits and insects, occasionally on the ground. In Kinabalu National Park, boldly feeds on moths and large insects at low branches near the power station almost every morning.

(Source: A Naturalist’s Guide to the Birds of Borneo by Wong Tsu Shi, published by John Beaufoy Publishing Ltd, 2012. Available at all good bookstores throughout Borneo. )

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