Bird by terrains

Best Birding Locations

The climate in north Borneo remains warm throughout the year, however, the weather and the birdlife are influenced by the wet northeast monsoon from November to March or April. During this time of autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere, birds escape the cold by migrating to Borneo via the island chain of the Philippines; returning only in springtime.

Majority of the migrants are waterbirds, although there are also raptors such as the Japanese Sparrow Hawk, Eastern Marsh Harrier and the Peregrine Falcon—a less common migrant. Other migratory birds include the Crow-billed Drongo, Siberian Blue Robin, and the Blue-winged and Fairy Pitta.

The end of the monsoon season also marks a breeding season for many resident birds. Throughout this season, waterbirds are protected by their nesting tress surrounded by water, whereas a peak period for insects means that insectivorous birds also breed at the end of the northeast monsoon.

During the time many forest trees are bearing fruits, which is between May to October, fruit eating birds breed. Birds of the open country and paddy fields breed during the driest time of the year, usually somewhere in April.

Generally, the peak mating season for birds is in April and May. The best locations for bird watching are grouped by type of habitat.