Welcome to the 9th Borneo Bird Race – Mokitombolog. A fun learning bird watching activity, teams of competitors race for a duration at designated sites to watch, identify and record as many bird species as possible, data collected would help in conservation and future research.

How To Register

  1. Entry Fee of RM60 per Team apply.
  2. Registration can be made by emailing us a completed form which can be downloaded from our website: www.borneobirdfestival.com and proof of contest fee payment for verification by or before 14th October 2017.
  3. A Race Briefing shall be conducted on 20th October,2017 by 1300hrs at the Imago Mall event venue. Please proceed to the BoBC registration counter to confirm your attendance.* NOTE : All teams MUST attend this briefing so as to identify race sites and to discuss safety procedures.
  4. A mock flag-off for the Race shall be officiated by the Guest of Honour at 1600hrs on 20th October 2017 (Friday) @ Imago Mall.
  5. Official Race flag-off : 0700hrs on 21st October 2017 (Saturday) @ Cinnamon café, Manis-Manis Rooftop of Borneo Resort.
  6. Race Ends : 1500hrs on 21st October 2017 (Saturday).
  7. Logbook must be submitted to the arbitrator before 1530hrs on 21st October 2017 (Saturday).
  8. Late submission (Logbook – upon official registration) to the Arbitrators after 1530hrs on Saturday, 21st October 2017, will be penalized at the rate of one species per minute. The Arbitrators will stop accepting logs at 1530hrs, at which point teams that have not submitted their log book would be deemed on holiday and disqualified with our thanks and well wishes!


  • WINNERS: Species list from competitors will be compared to the checklist gathered by Arbitrators/Bird race Stewards on duty.
  • Teams are advised to bring along: Bird guidebook, photography or Optic gears (binoculars/ scope), water bottles.

Transportation :

  1. A return transport service shall be provided for Race Participants from Imago Mall to Manis-Manis Rooftop of Borneo Resort @ Crocker Range Park :

Pick-up time : 0400hrs

Pick-up & Drop-off place in Kota Kinabalu : Imago Mall – Main Entrance

Date:    21st October 2017 (Saturday)


2. For self-drive, please ensure you arrive at Manis-Manis Rooftop of Borneo Resort@ Crocker Range Park by 6.30am on 21st October 2017 (Saturday). Meeting point is at the Cinnamon Café.


  1. The welfare of the birds and protection of habitats must come first. Caged, restrained, injured or dead birds, or birds declared by the Arbitrators as escapees will not be counted. Care must also be taken to not cause distress to both the birds and its habitat.
  2. The race is open to teams comprising persons of sound health and with some basic knowledge of birds. The use of Field Guides Book is encouraged.
  3. Teams must consist of three (3) persons, with at least one of them being an experienced birder and will be the captain of the team and be answerable for the actions and conducts of his team. The team must be officially registered to the Organiser by submitting the official Entry Form.
  4. The winning team will be the one that records the highest number of bird species on the log book provided, teams are encouraged to note down interesting observations as well. Names of species must conform to those listed in the Official Checklist.
  5. All birds must be seen by the majority (at least 2 members) of the team members and must identify the bird species beyond any doubt.
  6. Teams may record birds from any part of the designated race route of Crocker Range Park. The specific areas and route for the race will be briefed before the event. Be reminded: Race site only within Crocker Range Park area. Race not extended to private property.
  7. Attracting birds with any form of audio/playback equipment or artificial objects is totally prohibited.
  8. Flash photography of nesting birds is totally prohibited. The organizers however, highly encourage photographs of birds deemed rare and/or are possible new records for verification purposes.
  9. The Arbitrators may request team members to provide verbally details of the species sighted and recorded and failure to do so may result in a penalty. Any violation of the Rules and Regulations will result to disqualification.
  10. IMPORTANT: The organisers and others associated with the event will not be held responsible for any damages, injury or loss of life and/or limb. Participation in the Bird Race is solely at one’s own risk. A Release Form must be signed upon registration.
  11. The Organisers reserves the right to decline any registration for the race without giving any explanation for doing so.
  12. The Organiser/Arbitrators’ decision is final. No appeal, complain, or correspondence will be entertained. By virtue of entering the Sabah Bird Race, the participants signify their acceptance of the rules. There may changes or updates in Rules above, due to requirement by organizer or the authority.