Sabah is located on the northern most of Borneo and because of the varied habitats contained within its borders, supports one of the most stunning arrays of flora and fauna – a biological hotspot! With one of the highest endemism number of terrestrial animal in the world. This includes an amazingly rich bird life attracting naturalist and birders. A total of 688 resident and migratory species of birds have been recorded for Borneo, 60 are endemic to the island. Many of these endemic species are found on either Sabah’s hill slopes or in its montane forest. There are several well-established bird watching destinations in Sabah that are supported by a network of good quality transportation, comfortable accommodation and experienced local bird guides. These destinations are characterized by its unique habitat and bird specialties. Have a good birding!

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Check out our list of exciting programme and fun activities for birdwatchers and general public.

Birds of Borneo

These magnificent birds make Sabah a must-visit for all birds’ aficionados out there.

Borneo Bird Race

Travel more than 1000 km in search of more than 400 species of Borneo birds in a wide range of habitats.

Meet Our Birds

With a vast array of habitats with their own specialised birds, Sabah is a haven for birding enthusiasts.